Where is the opportunity to drive innovation and delight your customers?

We can help!

What business model and go-to-market approach will win?
What is the user experience and how the experience work in conjunction with existing capabilities?
We can help answer these questions with our Product/Market Solutions.

We can help you achieve product/market fit by:

Determining your target market
Identifying underserved customer needs
Defining your value proposition
Specifying your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) feature set
Creating your MVP prototype
Testing your MVP with customers


Great information from The Lean Product Playbook on Product / Market fit below:

Level 1: Vision
Have we articulated a clear and compelling vision?
Do we know the change we want to create in our customers’ world?

Level 2: Problem/Market Fit
Is there a significant sized market for this, and do they REALLY care about the problem that we think they care about?

Level 3: Problem/Solution Fit
Does our solution REALLY solve this problem?
Or does it at least significantly move the needle to warrant the time and effort the user needs to invest in it?

Do users “stick” with it?

Level 4: Solution/Marketing Fit
Can we efficiently and sustainably reach the audience and convince them to buy the product?

Level 5: Product/Market Fit
Does it all come together, such that the unit economics of the business really make sense at the scale of our ambitions?

Another great read on product/market fit
Product/Market Fit: What it really means, How to Measure it, and Where to find it